These are the server rules that you must follow or else your account will no longer be whitelisted. You also may not re-join via an alt account if you break the rules.

  • Please do not grief any bases, or builds that are not yours, or not in an area where you can grief builds.
    Examples of places you can grief:
    + Planned events for the server
    + Griefing mini-games like spleef
    + Unless a player says it's okay to grief a build of theirs.
  • Do not use any hateful speech on the server, website, or app.
    + No name-calling
    + Bad language
    + Threats
  • Do not build lag machines or try to DDOS the server.
  • Do not sell things to other players in-game for real money.
  • Do not build anything that contains nudity, racism, gory imagery.
  • Do not self advertise on the server, site, discord, app, or anywhere else we are at. Please get in contact with us for advertising.
  • Do not ask or beg to become a mod, helper, or other roles in our team. We post when we need new people, and you must send us an application.


If you agree to these rules and want to have a fun time in the sLab Craft community then please follow these rules on how to get whitelisted. 16 years or older. Java account. Not bedrock.

  • *Please make an account on this website with your Minecraft Java username ( the site and server are linked together if you get a rank or item in the shop, and so we can add you to the whitelist file. )
  • Then go to the support page and select the Whitelist option and submit at least a paragraph reason on why you'd like to join. Send any other info you think is useful to join.
  • Download the app and make an account. ( This is optional, but we would love it if you did. It has a community chat, the world map, a place to vote, and more. It's only for android atm. )

Now once submitted, it will take about a day sometimes two for a review to pass. Once passed, you will receive a reply back to the support message saying welcome. If you haven't already added the IP by then, well send it to you as well.







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