Everything you need to know about the future of sLab.

Everything you need to know about the future of sLab.

Hello there.

So I know what I said last time about turning on the server just before Xmas, but stuff happened that made me not able to do that. I'm honestly still not in a good place where i can dedicate a lot of my time to doing this like I used to, but I'm slowly coming back to do something I love doing. If you want to find out more about what goes on with me, then add me on Cybuds. I post a lot there about my life and such.

What is different this time?

Well, this time I'm making more effort to get it back up. I have been playing with servers and settings and such the past few days to get me back in the mood. It's kinda hard when you get older.

This time: since I was able to make my PC area nicer again and can use it, I am able to get all the past server files and upload them to the new host and such. I can't really do that with my Chromebook.

Basically, I'm taking the old server files, uploading them to a new host, and we can all play where we left off? Unless you think I should just have us all start fresh for the new 1.18.1 version of Minecraft? If I do that, I'll release the old server as a download that's it.

The sLab Server.

Remember that it's not going to be like the last server with tons of other things to do like Skyblock and such. We are keeping this server Simi-Vanilla SMP. There will be a few data packs and plugins. When the server goes back up we will share what we have installed in the wiki section. 

The server and overall community are small, so we are keeping it that way unless we grow into something bigger. There will only be 30 slots open on the server, and it will be whitelisted.

I might add in a few things such as ranks or basic items for sale in the shop. You won't have to pay with real money unless you want to. You will spend the points you have on your account here. You earn those points by voting on the server. 

The website will also continue to run ads on it, as an extra source of income to pay the server bill and other things. So I'd love if you could disable your ad-blocker for this site, and all other sites apart of this network.

Expected relaunch: The sLab Craft server will be back on Feb. 22nd. 2022.

Personal server.

Right now I currently have a personal server set up on very basic hosting hardware and you can join that one right now if you wish till the sLab server gets back up. It's basic as i said and its also a lawless server. Go wild on there, or be friendly.


So this server has an android app that you can download and start using to help you with this server. The app is simple. It shows info about the server, the staff, our social links, a place to share videos on the server, a chat, the server map, and more! We like for you to download and use the app when you are playing our server.

( Currently, the app is going through an update as we also update the server itself. Once finished will publish in the play store. It's in APKPure at the moment. )

The other app we have is an Arcade with 70+ games to help keep you company and to have fun.

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