Lite Changes.

Lite Changes.

Alright hey there.

So we have been slow with moving over to the new host on our web end and we are moving other sites over still.. slowly. We don't like staying with this one host still, but when we are also super busy lately in our personal lives it's also hard to update things. Remember we are a very small team and trying our best to bring the best/right updates to our community and looking to expand more.

One of the changes we are making right now that's kinda lite is we are unwhitelisting the server. The server needs more players, so since no one wants to go through with how I set it up to join, I will remove it until I see anything bad, I will just turn it back on.

The server rules will change a bit for this. We want to make it fun and playable for everyone and this is a small server with an admin who doesn't have a lot of time always to be here if things go shit. So don't fuck with the server or it's a straight-up IP ban. Have fun, use the site to submit feedback and any addon's/plugins you might want us to include.

Please let's have some fun, please respect the rules, staff, and community.

Posted on May 11, 2022 by 633k







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