Fixing issues

Fixing issues

Hey there!

So we might have recently just came back online, however when we first did, things were weird and lets say tangled up. It took a little bit to undo things to fix it. 

What did we fix?

Well basically the connection of the server. It didn't have enough ram when we first started it, so we just added more ram to it. To help with the plugins and data packs we also use on the server with more space for users to play without the TPS going down or the server going offline a lot. It did too.

Hopefully all this is fixed now. However since we aren't hosting it on our gear atm, we need to pay more to give this boost in improvments. So again we are asking you to please disable your ad blockers when you visit this site, download our app and the ads on there will help us. We mainly ask for you to not use ad blockers on our site so you can support us to help pay for the hosting we need for the server and website.

Most servers will alsways have some way for you to donate to them, or to buy things like kits and ranks. We kind of allow that here with some server shop items (getting reset up), but we dont want to force players to buy things to keep the server up, and we dont want to compete with other servers and want to be in compliance with Minecrafts EULA. 

So to help support us to stay online, yes you can make donations, buy items, or disable your ad blockers.

We need about $40 a month to keep this server online.

Posted on March 9, 2022 by 633k







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