Packs #1
Data Packs February 26, 2022

We finally added in the use of a few data packs to help the server.

  • Silk touch Amethyst's
    + You can grow them anywhere now, not just at the Amethyst hole.
  • One player Sleep
    + Walk on a bed or sleep to choose a time of day.
  • Dimensional Quarry
    + If you have the Dragon Egg on a glass block that's on a dropper then it will auto mine. You will be able to buy Dragon Eggs from the shop since the Egg only drops once.
  • Tree Pots
    + Having a pot on a hopper with a diamond tool in an item frame with auto harvest things that fit in pots.
  • Crop Harvesting
    + If holding a diamond or neatherite hoe over crops will harvest and plant for you.
  • Playeted Eleytra
    + You can combine Eleytra's with chest plates by throwing them on an anvil.
  • Shulkers Shells
    + Shulkers at end cities will drop two shells now.
Plugins #1
Plugins February 26, 2022

The new plugins we are going to be using. Most will be the same that you remember from past servers we's ran.

  • BookShelf
    + You can make more use of bookshelves by putting books, paper, maps, records, and such inside of bookshelves.
  • Chest Short
    + You can short chests or your inventory.
  • GSit
    + You can sit on pretty much any block with the command /sit or /lay or /crawl
  • Jobs
    + You can pick 3 Jobs out of 13 to Level up, make money, and more.
  • QuickShop
    + Players can set up chest shops to buy and sell items in-game.
  • Infinite Firework
    + What it says. Give you an Infinite Firework. Will sell these in the shop.
  • Tobacco/Weed Pipes
    + You can make pipes out of bowls and sticks, and use cut grass in them to smoke with an effect.
Packs #2
Data Packs March 1, 2022

Some fixes and some new stuff.

  • Tree Pots
    + Changed the rate at which it auto farms from 10 minutes to 1 minute.
  • Realistic Item Drop
    + Items dropped now will fall flat on the ground rather than float with a circle under it.
  • More Totems.
    + Mobs have a 2% chance of dropping a custom totem, and you can find them in chests all over the world. Looting works too.
  • Dog Leveler
    + Your dogs can gain XP like you now and level up, with doggy beds and toys.
  • Starting Kit
    + New players on spawn will get a starting Kit with some decent items to get you started.
App Things #1
App March 11, 2022

Currently, we have removed basically everything from the app except the barebones of it. If you were to open it right now you will see the splash screen and an empty app.

We are currently making some new changes to the app in a basic form. We are trying to get most of this done in the next few days.

App features:

  • Server news
  • Voting
  • World map
  • Chatting
  • Social Videos
  • Server Shop

Those are the basic things we will add, We might add more as well.

Remember our app is only for Android. So if you want to use it and don't have an Android device then download Blue Stacks. A really good Android emulator on your PC to play and use Android apps.

Plugins #2
Plugins March 11, 2022

Just after we added plugins and data packs the first time around, it made the server unplayable pretty much. We then removed all but two. On data pack and one plugin.

Since then we have found the main thing slowing the server down. We added in more server ram now to handle a few more plugins and such.

Nothing new has been added in from the first time we put some in.







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